Ultra4 Attica, Indiana 2013-16

My Trip to Attica, IN

Ultra4 Attica, Indiana 2013On Tuesday, June 25th my family and i left for Attica, IN. The high in Arizona on Tuesday was about 108 degrees…thank god we would be leaving Arizona’s dead beat weather. With a crammed truck including my mom, dad, uncle and my brother we were sure to have no leg space but lots of snacks for the road trip! We like junk food. About 5 bathroom stops and fuel ups later we pulled into a hotel parking lot around 5 am to stretch out our legs and  get some sleep.

We all woke up around 9 and scrunched back in the truck and headed to Shawnee, OK where some of our family lives. My dad planned to stay here for 2-3 days and get some fishing in. My grandma and grandpa Campbell left a few days before us and were already at the Farm House where we usually stay when we come to visit. My grandpa was definitely excited to do some fishing with my brother and i sense we haven’t been here in years. Out in the grassy fields stands tons of cattle and there calves along with a few horses. My grandpa, brother and i hop in the gator that we cruise around in to get from pond to pond to fish. We take off to the furthest pond that we call the Pecan Pond. My family calls it the Pecan pond because it has Pecan trees all the way around it and it holds big Cat fish and Crappy that are extremely smart and hard to catch sometimes! My grandpa is not very patient when it comes to fishing so we only stay at one pond for about 15 minutes and then hit up the next one! Through out the whole entire day i never caught one fish. I was glad it was the first day!

Thursday came around and everyone got up early to eat breakfast! Family back in Shawnee, OK sure know how to cook! My aunt Wanda’s banana pudding though…the BEST! The weather was humid and hot but had a little bit of a nice breeze. Once again my brother, grandpa and I hopped in the gator and went to fishing. We were all getting kind of impatient with the ponds now because we are usually pulling fish out left to right. We give up for a little bit and go eat some lunch back at the farm. Around 1:30 we drove down to the dock to fish and hang out. The trees shaded the dock and sent a nice breeze our way, there is no better moment then this. I was definitely enjoying this time with my brother and grandpa and then finally i caught my first fish! It was a Bass about 2 lbs. Not very big but i was so excited! Then my brother just had to show me up and catch a dang Cat fish! Im not a very big fish eating person but my dad said my Bass tasted pretty yummy! I ended up eating lasagna and enchiladas, now that is what i call some good food! Friday we are getting up early to head out and drive to Attica, IN for the Ultra 4 Race.

Ultra4 Attica, Indiana 2013-14It was 9 in Oklahoma when we left for Indiana. Our legs were all cramped up again and we made my mom sit in the middle so we could use her as a pillow…she didn’t like it very much ha! The weather keeps getting cooler and cooler as we go through each state, its like heaven! We were getting closer to Indiana and i was just ready to get to the hotel and sleep in a bed. We had to find a different hotel to stay in for the night because my mom didn’t make reservation at the other one for friday night. Thank goodness that allowed dogs or Ms. Roni would have been sleeping in the truck and thats just sad. We went out to the Badlands Off-Road park for qualifying after we ate breakfast that was Muy Delicioso! My dad qualified 1st for the race tomorrow, everyone was so excited. It began to sprinkle a little bit and the course was starting to get muddy. The cloud cover though was perfect for picture taking! Everyone headed back to the hotel because saturday would be a big day.

Woop Woop it was race day! Everyone was pumped and praying that it wouldn’t rain to much today because the course would be a mess. Everyone was getting cars cleaned up a little bit, putting fire suits on and getting lined up for the start. My dad would be starting the race and then making a pit stop and pulling off a driver change with my brother. My dad recently got chemical burns on his feet from a past race and didn’t want them to get muddy and wet because it could cause infection. After the driver change my brother took off and started Ultra4 Attica, Indiana 2013-16completing laps. Through out the race we didn’t have very good radio contact with my brother because of all the mud. My uncle nick took off on our motorcycle and tried to spot my brother on some of the obstacle courses and keep in touch to make sure everything was running ok. Derek West was in 1st place and Clay Gilstrap was in 2nd while my brother was running 3rd place. Towards the end of the race both drivers rigs broke down and my brother brought home a first place finish. He reached his goal as a 1st place finisher in his young racing career. I am so proud of him for keeping the car alive, having a consistent pace through out the whole race and finishing. However i am not happy that he brought back the car muddy because that means i had to help clean it! No biggie though. After the car was cleaned off it was loaded into the trailer and we all packed up and started home.We made it back to the scorching heat in Arizona and unloaded everything. The whole week was perfect and we were all happy to be home!