W.E. Rock Nationals

2013 W.E. Rock Nationals

W.E. Rock Nationals Cortez, CO 2013-2Friday, September 27th My mom, uncle Nick, my uncle Nicks girlfriend Jen, Charlene Bower and I left for W.E. Rock Nationals in Cortez Colorado. We all pulled out of the shop parking lot pulling mine and my brothers car, shutting the gate behind us and all hoping for the best this weekend. My dad Shannon and brother Wayland were in Congress Arizona for Ultra4 Nationals and later joined us in Colorado for my brother to compete in the second day of W.E. Rock  Nationals.

A long 7 1/2 hours later we pulled into the hotel parking lot and checked into our rooms. Everyone was starving so we all loaded up and drove down the street to munch on some kick but italian food. This restaurant was called Latsa Pasta and I would definitely recommend it to anyone driving through Cortez. Back into the car with stuffed faces, we headed back to the hotel room to get some good sleep and be prepared for tomorrows rock crawl competition.

Saturday the 28th we rolled up to the event site to park and unload the cars. My uncle Nick and I signed in and drew numbers that told us where we would be starting. Shortly after we both went and walked the courses figuring out the best lines to take, deciding weather or not to take the bonus line, and when to switch into to 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive. I took on quite a bit of a challenge and that would be driving both mine and my brothers car because my brother was at the Ultra4 race. I was very excited because I would get to be apart of the Pro Mod and Unlimited Class and compete with some of the very best guys W.E. Rock Nationals Cortez, CO 2013-2that have been rock crawling for years. Finally 2 o’clock came around and I was 1st up on A2 in the Unlimited car. I didn’t get a perfect score but, I will give myself props for doing an awesome job especially for that being the 1st time ever driving my brothers car. Switching cars after every course I was starting to get wore out! Nick and I were both trying to get use to each other with this being his first time spotting for me and me trying to figure out his hand signals! It was a fun day and by the end of it we were sitting in 3rd place for the Pro Mod class and 2nd in the Unlimited class. I was so excited to give my dad that phone call on saturday night and tell him how much fun I had. I had a smile on my face the rest of the night as we went to dinner because of the way my dad told me how proud he was of me and how badly he wish he could have been their but i was also very happy to hear that my dad took 8th place overall, 1st in National points and also was awarded Sportsman of the Year at the Ultra4 Nationals. Wayland also took 3rd overall, 2nd in National points and 1st in the Western series.

The weekend was coming to an end and it was the last day of W.E. Rock Nationals. My dad and Wayland got out to the event site about the same time we did and they also brought along my grandma, and Ryan Miller. Later my other grandparents and one of my aunts also showed up for the day. It was a great feeling knowing I had some family there to watch and support me. Wayland and I are both ready to compete today and kick some butt. Ryan Miller spotted for Wayland and Nick still continued to spot for me. We both had clean runs to start off our day and some of the next courses were a challenge. My last course for the shoot out was a great run but had a little bit of drama to go along with it. Nick walked me through the first gates and then we rolled up to the 2nd ones which everyone we had watched was having a little but of trouble with. We struggled for a bit and W.E. Rock Nationals Cortez, CO 2013Nick kept stacking rocks under the rear tires hoping it would give the car just that extra lift and push it to the top but after a while Nick told me to floor it and keep rotating the tires hoping it would catch some grip and pull it to the top…well thats exactly what happened except when I got to the top my foot slipped off the brake and Nick slipped in some gravel and i caught his leg/ankle. Thank god he was ok to finish up the course and we got a pretty good score. Paramedics made sure Nick was ok and we had him rested up with some ice to place on it. By this time we were now sitting in 6th place which meant I was first up in the shoot out. Nick was unable to be my spotter at this time because he was in some pain but my dad Shannon stepped in. The shoot out course was difficult and we only made it through the 1st gate and 1 of the bonus lines before timing out. My brother finished off his day with a 3rd place finish but technically so did I. Participating in this event was very exciting and only a little nerve racking for being my first one but by the end of the weekend I thought to my self that I had an awesome time and I can’t wait to get back out there and do it again.

Having the experience to do this and now be apart of the W.E. Rock Family is an honor. I cant thank everyone enough for all the help, good pointers during the competition and the other competitors for not treating me any different from anyone else just because I am a 16 year old girl! I especially want to thank Nick for putting up with me and wanting to be my spotter for the weekend. I cant wait to compete in another W.E. Rock competition.

End Results:

Unlimited Class

  1. Justin Hall / Mark Hall
  2. Matt Messer / John Gabriel
  3. Wayland Campbell / Bailey Campbell / Shannon Campbell
  4. Justin Keilman / Jason Jordan
  5. Denis Volkov / Randy Southall
  6. Josh Jordan / Joe Pierce
  7. Randy Southall / Denis Volkov
  8. Tom Campbell / Vince Gochenour

Pro Modified

  1. Branden Blume / Kyle Bruso
  2. Jason Feuilly / Cody Folsom
  3. Jesse Haines / Chris Poblano
  4. Jared Neff / Rick Jenkins
  5. Aaron Sykes / Ken Rose
  6. Bailey Campbell / Nick Campbell
  7. Masa Tsuda / Jason Jordan