2013 A Year to Remember

2013 A Year to Remember

2013…! What can I say!

This year had to be one of the best years!

There were Many things this year that I could write about like the photography internship I took on for a bit, my grades, the new people I got to meet, the wonderful holidays I spent with the people I love the most but, to make it simple here are some things that went on during each month!

January, I turned 16 and received my license, probably the best thing ever!

February, getting to go and be apart of the 2013 King of the Hammers!

March, I spent the week with my dad in Moab, UT and raced my very 1st Dirt Riot Race and my brother got to be my co-driver this year!

April, my family and I were a part of my brothers Short Course Racing!

May, the May-June Issue of CRAWL Magazine came out “A Dynasty at Hand, Campbell’s two seat IFS Car, Built for the kids”. It was so cool seeing pictures of me driving and showing off the car! Definitely an experience to remember!

June-July, I built my Facebook page and very own website to start up Bailey Campbell Media all thanks to Charlene Bower w/ Bower Motorsports Media!

August, my Facebook page and website were released! It was a great accomplishment for me. School started and new classes had begun! I also started practicing in Tucson for the W.E. Rock Competition.

September, was a great month! I had my first W.E. Rock, Rock Crawl in Cortez, CO! I took 3rd in Unlimited and 6th in Pro Mod! I can not thank my uncle Nick enough for being my spotter the whole weekend! He is the BEST! I also went to my 1st D-Backs Game!

October, is of course all about Halloween! One of my favorite holidays and it was great, spending it with my family and boyfriend!

November, two of my pictures were published in FourWheeler Magazine! It is such an honor and its not everyday that a 16 year old gets there pictures published in a magazine! My family also hosted the end of the year party to thank everyone for their help through out the year! and of course it was the best month of the year to be able to stuff your face for Thanksgiving!

December…the best time of the year when everyone is joyful, kind, warm hearted and caring. December is the month that ends the year and this one is ending with a great one behind it! This is the time when I get to look back on everything that has happened! So many great things and so many memories. The year couldn’t have been made without the people who surround me so I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has ever helped and done things for me, especially my parents!

Now lets all start off the New Year with a bang!! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!