A Warrior on the inside and the outside

“We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson”. -anonymous

Well Alec was both a blessing and a lesson. He went through cancer twice in his lifetime and he was one to never give up. There are so many great and wonderful things you can say about Alec. He was strong, he was bright and nobody could every take that away from him. Alec was a blessing to each and every person he met. Not only did he put the greatest inspiration and courage over us but he showed us the warrior he was every day of his life, on the inside and the outside. He will be missed at the dinner table, school, games, races and in our hearts but we all know that he will always be by our sides. His strong courage is what will keep us going until we meet him again.

Alec you are heavens little angle now, a perfect little star and when you shine the world can see how amazing you really are. May you fly with magic wings, on the clouds that seem so soft and white. I hope your heart stays joyful and your days are filled with race cars. Although our hearts are broken we are staying strong for you. You lived a short life but we thank you for the happiness you brought. We will meet again and it will be worth it. Our hearts will be filled again and not one day will pass without making it worth your wild. We hope each and every day will be a good one, up there in heaven where god will keep you warm at night and take care of you. We love you Alec.


W.E. Rock Western Series Round #1

2014 W.E.Rock Western Series Round 1

Wow can I just say how awesome it was to start out my spring break this way.

W.E. Rock Western SeriesOn March 7, 2014 the plan was to leave by 1:30, said my dad. But we all know that really means 4:00 when it comes down to him planning on working that day. We were hoping to miss all the traffic by taking a different route so that we were able to go check out all the courses instead of in the morning but it was to dark by the time we got there and by 12:00 we were all in bed getting rested up for a long day.

The experience that I got this weekend was incredible. To start out with my first course of the day I pulled off a score of 3 points wishing for 0 but thats ok. I actually did really good for not getting any seat time in my car for almost a year. For my first course my legs were shaky and i’ll admit I was a little nervous. Next up was my second course on A3 and my dad and I decided we would try to take both bonus lines but that didn’t really work out. W.E. Rock Western SeriesWe eventually timed out because we couldn’t get the car to angle up right with the direction we wanted to go. A1 came up fast right after my last course and I timed out on that one as well. I rolled over on my side and we only had a minute and 30 seconds left. I told my dad that taking bonuses were bad luck for us! We had 3 courses left and on A4 I was the only one to complete that course but I did time out…sadly by 1 second.. but I still had hope for the next course and we did complete it with a clean run. Then it was time for our last course, A6 it looked like a very challenging course and a lot of people made it look easy but when it was time for our turn to roll through the orange cones and complete the course we got through each gate clean except for the last one. As we backed through the last set of cones we only had 30 seconds left on the clock and I missed the finish gates by 3 seconds.

W.E. Rock Western SeriesAlthough I did complete my first rock crawl of the western Series in last place I learned many things and I met so many great people. Not very many people get the chance to just go out and compete in a rock crawl on there spring break, usually its just a trip to california or mexico or even a trip to the couch to watch TV all week long, but I am so thankful to be able to do these things so I just have to say thank you to my dad, mom and of course my brother! You guys are the best. I also want to thank my boyfriend for being my camera boy for the weekend and getting some awesome pictures of me and everyone else as well, and the rest of my family that were able to make it out there.

It was also awesome to compete with a girl close to my age and know that the new generation will be taking over! So you guys better watch out! The next rock crawl is right around the corner and I can’t wait to compete again.

Here are the results:


Photography class is in session

Photography Class is in session

Recently in photo class we have been working on many projects and learning new awesome things! I go home every night and mess with all the new things I have learned on my own computer and write everything down before I forget! Our assignment board has assigned that we print out or Best Picture, Surreal, Photographer presentation, Light Painting, Student Choice, Theme(action), Solarization, Depth of Feild, Bungle in the Jungle and Environmental Portrait. All of these assignments are so much fun to experiment with, with the exception of some because I have not done them yet! Spring break is in less then a week and I cant wait to get out and take pictures and then come back to school and edit them all. The environment in my photography class is so great to be around and its great being around people who love what they are doing. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

My Light painting Project turned out to be pretty interesting! For my first time ever trying it, I think I got the hang of it pretty fast though but its just making shapes that don’t look like a big blob! So here it is….

Light Art

Next I worked on my surreal and that one was pretty fun! For me it was so hard to come up with something gloomy, mysterious, and weird  almost! But mine didnt turn out to be either one of those really, mine just seemed to turn out cool. I had fun though trying to get ideas from  others and go through the process of distorting images to solarization and even to buying a fish. His name is moonshine!


Now that I finished those I decided to move onto Student choice, Theme(action) and solarization. For student choice I had gone on a field trip to the zoo with my photography class and it was so much fun. I had not been to the zoo since i was about 8 and I had a great time. I was able to use my 70-200 lens and not just have to use it at the races.


Tiger King of the Hammers Solarization PhotographyThese are all the assignments I have done so far! So stay tuned for my Photographer Presentation, Depth of Field, Bungle in the Jungle, and Environmental Portrait. Be sure to share this post and go LIKE & SHARE my Facebook page!