Photography class is in session

Photography Class is in Session

This second semester has gone by fast but now it is coming to a close, I can not explain how much I enjoyed my photography class this year, it was the best! I learned so many things and I can’t wait to be apart of photo 4(advance photo) next year and learn many new  things.

About a month ago my family lost my great grandma Mamo, she was short and tiny but oh man could she get feisty! We put her to rest next to my great grandpa Papo and we knew that she would now be at peace. There were so many flowers that we were not able to leave them all so I took them home and took pictures of them because they were just so beautiful! Rest in peace Mamo

Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers Flowers


Earlier this week was the Gilbert District Art show and one of, what I think is my best picture made it into the show and I was so happy! I can’t thank my family and James enough for coming and some of my grandparents were just so ecstatic! Here is the picture!

Ock Creek Canyon

Even though there are only 2 weeks left we still have many assignments to get done! I have to do a Composition Photo, Studio Portrait, Environmental Portrait, and a Class Poster.

Composition Photo: A Composition photo from my teachers view point is a photo from different angles. Say you take a flower arrangement and take it from different angles and grab the contrast out of the photo making it pop. The photo is to be very sharp and detailed making the viewer go WOW! This picture needs to have different aspects with very few objects so it will grab the attention of that object.

Studio Portrait: A Studio Portrait is a large photograph for which the sitter is posed, typically taken in the photographer’s studio. At school we have a pretty nice size studio and I am taking a picture of my best friend!

Environmental Portrait: An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings. The term is most frequently used of a genre of photography.

Wayland Campbell - Senior Pictures


Class Poster: A class poster is a one of my teachers traditions that he has done for years! The whole class is split into 2 groups and we are to come up with a cover for our class poster! My groups poster is called digital photo and it is kind of a surreal photo of a new york city landscape. The buildings are kind of distorted and everything is dramatically photoshopped! It looks really cool!

Class Poster