2014 Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 2




2014 Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 2Gilbert, AZ  (June 16, 2014) – On Father’s Day weekend in Colorado Springs, CO I took part in the 2nd Dirt Riot Mountain Series race. Coming off a 3rd place finish in Moab I was excited to get some seat time in the new solid axle car we built for me to qualify in for the 2015 King of the Hammers. All week long I had been hearing how this track had a lot of jumps and sharp turns, well, nobody was joking! This was my first time driving the new car and taking on a completely different kind of course. The car was a lot more smoother then I thought it would be but the jumps and sharp turns on the other hand are a whole different story.  All of Friday afternoon I got to practice and feel out the car even though we kept running into some mechanical issues. There was no doubt that I scared my dad a couple times because I scared myself too but I kept going and preparing myself for anything I messed up on, on the next lap around. I picked up the pace each time around with my dad talking me through each section of the course and teaching me the right amount of gas to use, not to much brake and how I should hit a jump.

2014 Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 2Qualifying came around fast the next day after the drivers meeting at eight. I was ready to roll after we did some last minute things to the car. My window net was up, my ear buds were placed and my helmet set with the parker pumper and Rugged Radio attached. We pulled up to qualifying where big Rich counted down from 5 and my visor went down just a few seconds before he waved his flag. I took off and hit the first jump, making my way around to the big berm and completing the course as fast as I could to get a good time. Not knowing that I missed the turn off of the course, my dad and I accidentally completed the whole thing instead of just our short qualifying lap. No harm was done though and my fast qualifying time got me to start in 4th position for the main race. Two o’clock finally showed up and this time my dad and I were really putting in our ear buds, throwing on our helmets and hooking up our window nets. Rich gave me a smile and I sent him back a thumbs up as he again began to count down from 5. Those five seconds went by fast and within no time I was speeding down the hill and then soaring over the two set of step ups at the beginning of the course. For the first few laps of the race I was sitting in 2nd already but due to mechanical issues still I had to pull into the pits to get the car cooled off. I kept myself in the game and my dad was patient with me through out the whole race. I moved my way up again and again by passing people while my dad 2014 Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 2worked the horn and made my way through the obstacles at a fast smooth pace. After a long two hour race I had finished my 2nd Dirt Riot race in 6th place! With it being my first time driving the car and taking on this kind of course I didn’t think I would be finishing within the top 10! I was so excited when my dad and I finally crossed the finish line.

I can’t say thank you enough to Cody and Clarisa Folsom, Derek Crase, Ryan Miller, Kevin Rants, Matt Salyers, Tammy Campbell(mom), Eli Cude, Gilstraps, and Rich Mulvey.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and most importantly our Marketing Partners: Monster Energy, Maxxis Tires, Currie Enterprises, ARB Air Lockers, Warn Industries, Howe Performance, Fox Shox, Dynomax Performance Exhaust, Fox Shox, Advance Adapters, TurnKey Engine Supply, ProAm Racing, Hughes Performance, Ron Davis Racing Products, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, Mastercraft Safety, Powertank, KC Hilites, Arizona Driveshaft, Rugged Radios, PAC Suspension Springs, Southwest Ground Control, Motive Gear, Arrowlane, Justice Brothers, Tireballs, QTM Brakes, Grizzly Coolers, Superduty HQ, Ultraseal, Allstart Electric, Arizona Undertakers


Writen by – Bailey Campbell