I can honestly say this Thanksgiving will always be one to remember! Yes, it was strange being away from my huge family for the first time but it was fun to try something new. There is so much I could type and so much space that I could type in but who really wants to read a million paragraphs?

So instead ill keep it brief and tell  you the best parts of my Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday morning my family and I took off to Johnson Valley, California a.k.a the Hammers for some pre-running. As soon as we arrived we sat down for a great Thanksgiving dinner and I want to thank everyone for the delicious food! It was fantastic!

Friday morning my brother hopped in my car as my co-driver for the day and we followed John Currie, Gerald Lee, John Rocha, Ted Feg , Levi Shirley, my mom and dad through Chocolate Thunder, Claw Hammer, Resolution, and Turkey Claw! I’m sure i’m missing one but there are so many names of trails that I can’t remember. Towards the end of the day everyone drove over to Backdoor and for the first time I drove up it all by myself instead of sitting on the side taking pictures! I got to take a whole new look at all the trails and it was really eye opening on how challenging the King of the Hammers race really is. I definitely got some seat time in but we will be back for shock tuning right before the 2015 King of the Hammers! I’m so ready!

As the sun was going down I got some awesome pictures of the new Campbell Enterprises “30 Pack” car, Levi Shirley’s and of course my own! They turned out really great and I finally got the chance to try out my flash on something cool. The outcome was….AWESOME! If you would like to see the pictures you can scroll to the bottom or visit this link: www.BaileyCampbellMedia.com/2014-Thanksgiving-Campbell-Style

Saturday morning my family and I loaded up to head to Glamis. Let me tell ya something….Get a REAL Map in your truck if you are going somewhere because Maps on the Iphones are not always the best idea…! But don’t worry, we eventually found our way to the dunes after making our way through all the back farm roads of California! The dunes are so cool and I don’t think pretty would be the best way to describe it but the sand is just so smooth looking! Anyways, I would have to say the Sand Drags were my favorite part. It just amazes me how many people get together and line up in the middle of the dunes to race down some sand drags. There were so many cool things to look at and so many odd things too. One guy was walking around with his turkey and said, “I’m fattening him up for next years thanksgiving, its not weird.” It was pretty hilarious!

Sunday morning came around though and we all know what that means in the Campbell family! Cleaning day after a long weekend. But it is always well worth it! This time we had the joy of cleaning the newly built Currie car!

Over all I had a great weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people in my life.