Photography class is in session

Photography class is in session

I have been in school for about 5 weeks now and I have learned so many things in my new Photography class! I had transferred into this class a few days late and I had no idea what I was doing because this teacher was new to me and my last photography teacher had his own way of teaching.

Week 1: was a success! This week I had the opportunity of learning the fundamentals and goals of this class. Some fundamentals were what kind of projects would be happening this year through out the class, field trips being taken and rules of the equipment. Goals that are set to be made in this photography class were learning more about your camera, how to use your camera more in depth, a review of photoshop, hopping into the detailed ways of using photoshop and many more other goals.

Ultra4Week 2: This week the whole class was to find the best picture they had taken over the summer. My best picture was taken at a race in Glenhelen, CA. The process of turning our pictures in is to print it out in class as an 8×10. After the picture is printed out you must make a contact sheet of the other pictures that were taken the same day along with the one you have chosen to print out. Once you have made the contact sheet you pick up an evaluation sheet and fill it out telling your photography teacher what the theme of the picture is, where it was taken, why you chose it, does it have good light on a scale of 1-10, does it have good contrast on a scale of 1-10 and so on. i love the picture I chose!

Week 3: Throughout this week we had to turn in signed papers and a Sunset picture assignment. The sunset picture assignment had to be taken at three different exposures while taking the picture. As soon as the pictures are uploaded and opened in photoshop we had to use what is called an HDR technique. All three pictures taken at different exposures are combined together and give the main picture complete detail. It was really cool learning about that.

Ultra4 Attica, Indiana 2013-10Week 4: This week consisted of a 3 paragraph essay. Writing isn’t really my thing but when it comes to writing about photography I love it! The whole class was to write a 3 paragraph essay on a theme they would like to focus on most throughout this school year. I chose action photography because that is what I enjoy most. I like action photography because the world is made of action, everything is in motion and I think it is really cool to capture those kinds of images.

Week 5: Week 5 was kind of a slow week. My photography teacher was out of town this week for a photoshop class in vegas. My teacher left us with different tutorials that had to do with photoshop and a photo assignment. The photoshop tutorials taught me very many things and my photo assignment was to print out a picture that had to do with our theme. My picture was again another picture from a race but this race was held in Attica, IN.

Many more weeks to come and I cant wait to learn more new and exciting things throughout this year!

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